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Info about Saint's Days

Saint's Days are national holidays held in many countries across the world to celebrate the achievements of each country's patron saint. The patron saint of a country is someone who is revered and admired as a person who represents all the best qualities about that country. The patron saint of England, for example, is St George, who is strong and courageous, good and rightious; who bravely fights the evil dragon and saves the maiden - qualities that the english people themselves want to be associated with. Generally, for someone to be named as a saint they need to have died for their cause - i.e been a martyr. Patron Saints of countries don't neccesarily come from that country. For example, St George was a Roman from Italy and St Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, was an englishman.

Most saints are associated with christian countries though there are equivalent figures in non-christian countries across the world. For example


SAINT GEORGE free screensaver downloadThe St George's Day screensaver features a series of pictures and images of Saint George from recent european history. George was a celebrated and revered christian figure through out europe from the middle ages to recent times and the pictures reflect that.

download SAINT-GEORGE screensaver preview SAINT-GEORGE screensaver


SAINT PATRICKS CLOVER free screensaver downloadThis free screensaver celebrates Saint Patrick's Day on the 17th of March. It displays an ever-growing plant stalk that randomly sprouts clovers or shamrocks while a merry Irish jig plays in the background.

download SAINT-PATRICKS-CLOVER screensaver preview SAINT-PATRICKS-CLOVER screensaver