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The St George's Day screensaver features a series of pictures and images of Saint George from recent european history. George was a celebrated and revered christian figure through out europe from the middle ages to recent times and the pictures reflect that. There are paintings by classical artists including Raphael and Rubens, as well as early images and icons from religious murials. Most of the pictures show the classic scene of George slaying the Dragon.

History of St George

St George is the patron saint of England and St George's Day is celebrated on the 23rd of April every year in the country. The English flag is also known as the flag of St George - the design is a red horizontal / vertical cross on a white background. St. George is also the patron saint of Aragon, Canada, Catalonia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Greece, Gozo, Montenegro, Palestine, Portugal, Russia, and Serbia.

English knights and knights templar fought under the banner of St George during the medieval Christian Crusades. The red cross motif was also used extensively on their arms and armour.

The legend of St George is based on tales of George of Cappodocia, a Christian captain of the Ancient Roman army. The roman historian Butler describes how George lost his head and won his Martydom by standing up to Christian persecution by the Emperor Diocletian. He was honoured as a saint by the English anglo-saxons in the early middle-ages and the day of the 23rd of April was set aside in the calender for feasting and merryment in accordance with the approved fashion of all englishmen and women. In 1344, this feast was made memorable by the creation of the noble Order of St. George, or the Blue Garter, the institution being inaugurated by a grand joust, in which forty of Englandís best and bravest knights held the lists against the foreign chivalry attracted by the proclamation of the challenge through France, Burgundy, Hainault, Brabant, Flanders, and Germany. In the first year of the reign of Henry V, a council held at London decreed, at the instance of the king himself, that henceforth the feast of St. George should be observed by a double service and for many years the festival was kept with great splendour at Windsor and other towns.

England was not the only nation that fought under the banner of St. George, nor was the Order of the Garter the only chivalric institution in his honour. Sicily, Arragon, Valencia, Genoa, Malta, Barcelona, looked up to him as their guardian saint; and as to knightly orders bearing his name, a Venetian Order of St. George was created in 1200, a Spanish in 1317, an Austrian in 1470, a Genoese in 1472, and a Roman in 1492, to say nothing of the more modern ones of Bavaria (1729), Russia (1767), and Hanover (1839).

St George and the Dragon

This is a famous legend attached to the St George mythos by the Christian Crusaders. The fully developed western story follows that a dragon makes its nest on a spring in the city of "Silene" in Libya and thus blocks it. The citizens of the city have to offer a daily human sacrifice to the dragon to dislodge it from the spring long enough to get water. The sacrifice is chosen by drawing lots. One day the kings daughter is chosen as the sacrifice. He begs for her life but to no avail. As the princess is offered for sacrifice, good Christian Saint George appears, heroically slays the dragon and saves the princess. As a result the city converts from its old pagan ways to Christianity.

The tale of St George and the Dragon is essentialy an allegory for Christianity, in the form of St George, defeating evil, in the form of the Dragon and proving that Christianity is the one true religion.

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