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Welcome to! All screensavers here are free to download and when we say free we mean COMPLETELY FREE! No hidden payments, no expiry dates, just a fun and interesting site where you can download a screensaver for free. Also, all screensavers are virus checked, spyware checked and adware checked. There are no unwanted programs you are forced to install either! Each free screensaver download is guaranteed to be completely malware-free.

What is this site all about?

Screensavers-free is about giving you free, original, and unbranded downloadable screensavers with no adware, no spyware, no viruses and no unwanted programs to install. We want to offer free screensaver downloads without any snags or compromises. This is our aim, our goal, our "raison d'etre" - we will never settle for anything less than providing free, unique and original screensaver downloads to our users.

You can find our complete range of free screensaver downloads in the screensavers database. The number of available screensavers in small at the moment. This is for 2 reasons; firstly, our website is new so it will take time to build its content; secondly, every available free screensaver here is a unique, original product and therefore takes time to create. We will regularly add a new, free screensaver download to the database every few weeks or so, so there is always a new screensaver to try out when you come back and visit. We want all our users to be able to look on the database and say 'ok, i want to download a free screensaver, i want to download that one..' and they can download it and that's it; the free screensaver will be downloaded to the users computer.

What types of screensaver are available here?

All the screensavers on this site are unique and original creations. They are also generally quite abstract and artistic. There are no picture screensavers here; our screensavers are animated, random, organic and genrally flash-based. For example, if you were to download a free screensaver and it was the growing vine screensaver, you could leave your computer and come back to find the screen overgrown with a random jungle of vine leaves.

You will not find any matrix or spider-man screensavers here either. Why not? Well, first of all there are copyright issues concerning the creation and distribution of content based on commercial products and services. Secondly there are plenty of other sites pumping out these types of screensavers so we want to differentiate ourselves from other free screensaver downloads on the internet. We also think that the vast majority of commercial screensavers are boring and unimaginative creations and wanted to offer screensavers that could not be found anywhere else, free screensaver downloads with a unique beauty and originality.

Our aim at is therefore to ensure that all the screensavers on this site are wholly original screensavers featuring no references to commercial products or services. They are created predominantly with the macromedia flash animation program. There are free flash screensavers here featuring 3d landscapes, 3d objects, 3d animations, organic growth, random fish patterns, alien creatures, alien plants, ai, artificial intelligence, digital art, recursive patterns, random art, computer art, random patterns, patterns and animations based on mathematical algorithms. There are also festive and seasonal screensavers - Christmas, Easter and Halloween screensavers are all downloadable for free from Many of the ideas for the free screensavers at screensavers-free come from members of the on-line flash digital art community, people of great talent and imagination - you can visit them from the friends section on this site.

Are the screensavers here completely free?

Yes all downloadable screensavers on this site are completely free. We also guarantee they contain no time limits, no adverts and no unwanted extra programs to install before you can get your free screensaver. All you get is a virus-free, spyware-free, adware-free and advertising-free screensaver. The only compromise we ask of you is to keep our logo in the bottom left of the screensaver so we can spread the word to others who might catch sight of you new free screensaver download.

It is important to mention at this point that there are many other screensaver download sites that offer free screensaver downloads. Many of these sites will offer free downloads on the condition that other "software" is installed at the same time. This "software" is usually some form of adware that will not only slow your computer down but potentially be a security risk to any confidential information stored on your computer. ( go here for more details) So are these screensaver downloads still free? We don't think so.

How can we offer these screensavers for free?

With your help via monetary donations and the advertising revenue gained from commercial content contained within the site, screensavers-free can remain a viable business enterprise while still offering our users downloadable screensavers completely free and with no compromises.

Why free screensavers? Have they got spyware or adware with them?

NO, NO, NO !! The free screensavers on this site have NO ADWARE, NO SPYWARE, NO VIRUSES and also NO ADVERTISING!! They are all original screensavers with no affiliated advertising (apart from a small label for our site of course). After the free screensaver download is complete, installation is a simple process whereby an executable program will place the downloaded screensaver in the correct location on your comnputer. No additional files are installed and your computer's registry is untouched. More detailed installation information can be found here - Installation Instructions

You can find further information about spyware, adware and screensavers here.