Screensavers-Free FAQ

Screensavers-Free FAQ

This page tries to answer any frequently asked questions concerning If you have any queries not answered here please contact us. Questions answered are:

Why are all the screensavers here free?
Do the screensavers feature spyware and/or adware?
How do I install your screensavers?
How do I uninstall?

Why are all the screensavers here free?

I develop all the screensavers found here in my spare time and promote them using this site. The traffic generated from site donations coupled with the advertising displayed allows me to generate enough advertising revenue to give away my screensavers completely free with no strings attached.


Do the screensavers feature spyware and / or adware?

No! They are completely spware and adware free. For more information see this page about screensavers and malware .


How do I install the screensavers?

To install the screensaver firstly run the installation program included within your downloaded file. This will add your screensaver to the available selection on your computer. You can now choose the file by right-clicking on any empty space on your desktop and Left-click on the "properties" option. Now choose the screensaver tab at the top of the newly opened window and then click on the drop down box ( the box in the centre of the window with the down-arrow button to the right of it) and choose the screensaver from the list. This program is completely virus-free and malware-free.


How do I uninstall the screensavers?

To uninstall the screensaver go to the program list on the start menu and choose the screensaver uninstall option from the program list.